INNOVATE 2017 Match is a fantastic opportunity to meet innovative people and future focused companies that can help your business grow. If you’re a ticket holder you can pre-arrange meetings with innovators, research centres, universities, resellers, retailers and investors from the UK and overseas. You can share knowledge, gain insights, forge partnerships, foster collaboration and secure potential investment. And with over 2,750 innovators, investors and experts attending, the opportunity for cross fertilisation and mutually beneficial collaborations is huge.

Why participate?

  • Source and showcase the world’s latest innovative solutions, technologies and start-ups
  • Present, discuss and develop new project ideas at an international level
  • Forge winning partnerships for EU Research and Innovation funding
  • Exchange knowledge and know-how
  • Identify new commercial opportunities for global success

How does it work?

  1. Purchase your ticket to INNOVATE 2017
  2. Complete your profile  on – our website to organise 1:1 meetings – and view the participant list
  3. Once registration closes on 27th October, you will be able to select from the profiles created and request and accept meeting
  4. You will receive your meeting schedule by email a couple of days before the event 

Free passes to overseas companies

Free 2-day passes are available to overseas companies that are looking to:

  • Buy or license UK technology/products
  • Invest in the UK or UK companies and co-develop new solutions
  • Find UK research partners to be part of a consortium led by an overseas company
  • Work on a technology transfer project


If you meet any of the above criteria, please register your interest here.