Andrew is a physician and clinical researcher with more than three decades of research experience in diabetes and related metabolic disorders. He is an elected member of the National Council of Section of Lipids, Metabolism & Vascular Disease, Royal Society of Medicine UK; accredited as a clinical specialist by the European Society for Hypertension.

He is a Senior Research Fellow at ProSciento, an early phase clinical research institute based in San Diego, USA (

His previous appointments include Director of the Institute of Translational Medicine and Director of the Clore Life Sciences Laboratory, University of Buckingham; Visiting Professor of Medicine, Institute of Diabetes for Older People, Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Postgraduate Medical School, University of Bedfordshire, British Heart Foundation International Research Fellow, University of California San Diego USA.

His textbooks include Insulin Resistance: A Clinical Handbook (2002); The Metabolic Syndrome & Cardiovascular Disease (2007); Translational Research Methods for Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiometabolic Drug Development: Focus on Early Phase Clinical Studies (2015).