Mark is Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government. Earlier in his career, he made key contributions to understanding the role in lupus of the ‘complement’ system. Mark found that deficiencies in complement — normally a protective immune response — were important in conferring susceptibility to the autoimmune disease.

He was educated at St Paul’s School in London where he studied medicine at Clare College, Cambridge, and completed his clinical training at Hammersmith, Guy’s and Brompton Hospitals in London. He was awarded a PhD for research into complement receptors in 1986 at the University of Cambridge.

Mark has held distinguished senior positions of influence in research in the UK. During Mark’s tenure as Director of the Wellcome Trust, he oversaw the launch of the popular public Wellcome Collection. In 2013, he was appointed as Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government, where he tweets as @uksciencechief.