Climate-KIC is a pan-European innovation agency working to accelerate the transition to a climate-resilient society and zero-carbon economy. Our role is to catalyse decarbonisation and strengthen climate resilience through innovation. We believe that tackling the causes and effects of climate change through innovation will unlock healthier future economies and societies.

Support summary:

Climate-KIC UK & Ireland does the following:

  • We turn good ideas into climate-positive businesses: We find breakthrough ideas and empower people to bring them to life. We run pre-incubation and start-up accelerator programmes in four cities, and we support innovation within established businesses.
  • We turn talented people into climate leaders: Our education, training and leadership programmes address the skills gaps holding back climate innovation.
  • We turn climate risks into business opportunities: We have developed the Resilience Innovation for Growth Programme to enable the UK and Ireland to capitalise on high-growth sectors within the resilience market.
  • We turn demand into markets and solutions: Our open innovation challenges match demand for low-carbon and adaptation solutions with new ideas.
  • We turn complex challenges into big levers for change: We develop and manage collaborative projects and empower people to deliver systemic change.
  • We turn data and insights into shared knowledge: We create platforms for knowledge exchange, and develop data, research and thought leadership to empower decision makers to invest in climate innovation.
  • We turn innovative organisations into powerful networks: Our growing network is at the heart of our value as an agent and broker of climate innovation.
  • We turn city-regions into climate innovation clusters.