Innovate faster, develop better technologies, reduce risk.

The Medical Technologies IKC is a unique Innovation and Knowledge Centre that brings businesses together with world-class experts to accelerate the commercial development of new medical technology products and services.

The Medical Technologies IKC aims to bridge the gap between fundamental research and commercialisation by moving projects on to higher technology readiness levels (TRLs), ensuring technologies are fit for purpose and ready for serious industrial investment.

Through the support we provide to researchers, clinicians and companies, we are able to speed up the translation of the fundamental science beyond TLR 2 to increase the potential for private sector investment in product development at TRL 5, supporting the growth of the medical devices and technologies market.

Proof of Concept Projects

Proof of concept funding enables clinicians and academic researchers, often with input from industry, to assess and demonstrate that their initial idea has clinical application and economic potential. Depending on the target device or technology, these Medical Technologies IKC grants can be used to develop working prototypes, gather additional experimental data or carry out pre-clinical testing.


Our strategic alliance with Regener8 allows us to tap into a powerful resource for establishing new partnerships between top scientists, engineers, and both national and international industry.


Translate connects companies, intermediary organisations and funders with an interest in medical technologies with our academic and clinical partners in the Leeds City Region.